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Dear Sir/ Madame,

The Polin Rokedet project [hebr. dancing Poland] is a unique weekend workshop of Israeli Folk Dances, organized annually under the honorary patronage of the Embassy of Israel in Poland since 2013. Each year it raises more interest among people from different regions of Poland and from around the world. As a result, more than 350 participants have already taken part in our workshop.

Why is it attracting people regardless of age, nationality and even dance skills? Because that kind of dancing fills dancers with joy and gives them a feeling of unity, equality and acceptance. Moreover, through the lyrics of the songs and stories, exhibitions and concerts as well as art and culinary classes they discover rich and vivid culture of Israel. It doesn’t stop there, however, and gives everyone a chance to share with others a part of their own culture as well. Participation in Polin Rokedet workshop gives also a wonderful opportunity for strengthening relationships between different generations and nations.

We make sure to engage every year a team of respected, professional and full of passion dance teachers and choreographers. This May 1st – 3rd, we will host Avi Levy and Yaron Elfasy from Israel and Lior Haykeen from the United States. We expect about 150-200 participants, if we manage to keep the price as low as possible.

We want to expand and improve to make our project even more popular. In 10 years we hope to be globally recognized, international festival of folk dances, with thousands of participants and a group of teachers from around the world.

Polin Rokedet is a non-profit project and we desire to enable also students and pensioners as well as whole families to take part in it. Therefore any financial help will be deeply appreciated. We need help to cover 7000$ of own costs (payments for instructors and their travel costs) to lower the prices for the participants.

We will be enormously grateful for any support!

If you wish to support our project, please make a payment to:
Living Bridge Foundation
Bank account: PL 59 1160 2202 0000 0002 4666 1818
with a transfer titled:  Donation for Polin Rokedet project.


In exchange for your support we offer placing logo and name of your organization or company on our website, facebook and promotional materials. Furthermore we agree to display during our workshop leaflets, posters and other promotional materials provided by you. We are open to other forms of cooperation.

More information about the project can be found on our website.
In case of further questions, please contact us: +48 888 888 986 or

Project Manager
Natalia Hakenberg