Oren Ashkenazi
Oren Ashkenazi, originally from Haifa (Israel), holds a degree of art education and event management from the Wingate Institute in Israel. He worked for many years in Jewish communities all around the world as artistic manager of dozens of dance camps and other events and created cross cultural projects in Haifa. Close to the tradition of his father Musa Ashkenazi he created a number of Israeli Dances danced all over the world. He created dances such as Chibuk Bachashecha, Katonti, Im Yesh Gan Eden, Charasho, Iti At Yafa. Five years ago he opened with his wife OLmusic artist agency which promotes artists from the Middle East.

Oren and Lena have been a part of Polin Rokedet since the very begenning.

Danielle Shkop
Hila was born and raised in Jerusalem, she has just graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (B.A. of Sociology-Anthropology and Linguistics).
She has been practicing the craft of folk dancing for 20 years. At the age of 16, with the encouragement and strong belief of many teachers, she graduated the course of dance instructors by Wingate institute. Ever since, she is teaching folk dancing in Israel and Europe in anything between intimate dancing workshops to festive events. such as “Camp Bitnua”, the biggest Israeli folk dancing Festival where she is in charge of the international dancers.

Hila believes that Israeli folk dancing is a unique phenomena that passionately brings souls, cultures and wonder into the same space.
Therefore, she is running an innovative venture called KOMUNA – An Israeli dancing session for young dancers only, something no one has attempted to do before in Israel. Their goal is to motivate young dancers to join this magical world and build the next generation while creating a lively and energetic atmosphere. Israeli folk dancing is for everyone, young people included!

One of Hila’s biggest achievements through her activities during 2018 is winning of “The Discovery of the Year” prize, as an official recognition in the presence of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of her precious and significant contribution for preserving the Israeli folk dancing.

Michael Barzelai
Michael lives in Zichron Yaakov, Israel, but was born in Haifa. He started dancing, in Haifa area, when he was 10 years old. He started to lead dance sessions in 2010. He’s been working with many different dance teachers and also editing music for dances. He made his first appearance as a dance teacher and choreographer outside of Israel at camp “Gvanim”, in August 2015. Since then he got to create several dances and teach them in Israel and outside of it. He enjoys all kinds of dances and music, but his favourite dances are the most energetic ones.

Besides being in the Dance World – he is an Electrical Engineer and works in Hi Tech. He is married to Ariela, also a dancer leading sessions, whom he got to know while dancing together.

It will be his 3rd time at Polin Rokedet Festival! 🙂