How do I get there?

‪Górnicza 3, Rudki
26-006 Nowa Słupia
You can get there by car. There is a free parking for you.

Geographic location:
50° 53′ 52″ N
21° 5′ 30″ E

How do I get there?
We provide a transportation by bus from Warsaw to the festival and back again after the festival (extra charged).

The bus to the workshop will leave from center of Warsaw:
– on Friday, June 14th – let’s meet at 11:00.

Meeting point:

On Sunday (June 18th) the bus will leave from “Gołoborze” at 13:00 (expected time of arrival at Warsaw – 17:00).
The bus will stop at Chopin Airport on its way back to the Center of Warsaw.

You can also come by train. The closest railway station is in Kielce and Starachowice. Contact us to arrange transportation from there.